The Wonderful Year Of Carminelitta Blog Anniversary Celebration

Oh, what a year! Exactly a year ago, I decided to start a little blog to share my passion for music and writing… And how it has grown during this year! I am extremely grateful, happy, excited and a little bit emotional to celebrate this first anniversary (which I hope will be the first of many, many others!).To help me mark this very special and important date, some artists I featured on the blog in 2010 were kind enough to share some of their tracks, including some exlusives. I am very thankful to them for this and I am quite happy with the result. Special thanks to them of course, as well as to all the other artists I featured on the blog, all the people that supported me during this year, liked the blog, commented and spread the word. To make it very, very, very cliché, I’ll say that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve so much without them. -Carminelitta

The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: Blog Anniversary Celebration


Intro – Shade Cobain
‘P.S.A. (Please Stay Again), DiverSe (exclusive)
‘The janitor’, Sean Ace (ft DJ HasH)
‘SuperHigh’, Jon Quest
‘El hero’ (prod 2 Hungry Bros), Ciph Diggy
‘Dollar and a dream’, Kap Kallous (upcoming album)
‘Believe in U’ (prod BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble), Tahir Jahi
‘Circle of Destiny’, Herma Puma – ‘Synchromystic’
‘Still Jonesin’, DiViNe SeVeN (upcoming album)
‘Work it out’ ft Anthony Mils, Ty (limited edition CD)
‘Oh my God’ (Massed remix), Spectac & Amiri
‘Exciting’ (prod Osna), Sean J – ‘A Tree By Itself: The Harvest Edition’ (The bonus track)
‘If it feels right’, Jason James & Rodney Hazard – ‘Marvelous World of Colour’
‘Take – Neon Beams (remix) v.3.1, Tensei
‘Cypher’ ft Pistol & Sean J, Seven Day
‘Driftin (Dilla)’, Preach Jacobs
‘Window Seat (Daisy’s blend)’, DJ Alvin Black III
‘Homewood Purple’, Grand Ear aka Geeman
‘Higher’, Rebekka Ling
‘Home Alone’, Reeplay
‘Si tu veux rester’ (pro Tum’Soul), Osmojam
‘Love Letter (He Wants Me To Win)’, Nakia Henry
‘Let’s stay together’, Al Green vs Erik Rico – ‘Re-Works EP’
‘He makes me say’, Gabbie McGee – ‘Mississippi’s Daughter’
‘Funktronics on 73rd Street’, BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble (exclusive)
‘Wonderful’, Soy is Real (upcoming ‘Penguin Files’)

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