SciFi Stu “From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul”

SciFi Stu, a jazz, hip hop and soul producer from Edinburgh, UK has been a musician and promoter for around 10 years. Influenced by the ‘golden era’ sound, SciFi got into hip hop through a friend around 1990 and enjoyed listening to Public Enemy, EPMD, Wu Tang Clan and all those classic sounds while growing up. “From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul” sees SciFi Stu bring classic and modern elements together with a genuine love for the art of Hip Hop. The new album features Moka Only, L.I.F.E. Long, Count Bass D, John Robinson, Vast Aire, TzariZM, Dillon and much more. “From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul” is now available digitally at iTunes &

1. It Works feat. D-Strong
2. Study On Us feat. Nebz Supreme & Moka Only
3. Where Ya At feat. Venomous 2000
4. Tape Pop feat. Shinobi Stalin
5. Deep Thinkers feat. L.I.F.E. Long & Elohem Star
6. The Recipe feat. Hus Tha KingPin & Nebz Supreme, Count Bass D
7. In the Air feat. Veteran Assassins
8. No Swag Needed feat. Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson [Video]
9. Never the Same feat. Spon
10. The Touch feat. Ill Poetix
11. The Reason feat. Moon Blazers
12. The Will feat. Vast Aire, 4th Place & Jonwayne
13. Tuesday feat. TzariZM & Nebz Supreme
14. Break Loose feat. Dillon

Free Download: SciFi Stu Album Sampler

SciFi Stu “From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul” is now available at iTunes and

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In Any Event (Supa Spic Memoirs 2 Trailer)

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Rusty Redenbacher (of @THEMUDKIDS)-Bleeding

Video for ‘Bleeding’ from the album, ‘Lazarus’. Available from Audio Recon Digital Music



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Moka Only-Canada Line (Official Video)

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Kap Kallous-The TV EP

“Florida all-star and accomplished Grind Time Now South President, Kap Kallous, has joined forces with us for the release of “The TV EP.” This cohesive, six song EP is a well-orchestrated 13-minute music experience. Three out of five tracks have a story in this theatrical, graphic novel themed, descriptive purging of emotional tensions. Every track even contains the most fitting of television audio samples. “The TV EP” serves as a prelude to Kap’s official full-length album “I Should’ve Kept My Mouth Shut”, to be released late 2010. This short, heavily themed project is meant to give the listeners a mild view into the musical capabilities of Ever Ready Records’ newest artist Kap Kallous. The seamless, pristine, story-telling catharsis contains not one pause until the end, dubbing it the first of its kind to be released on Ever Ready Records.”

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In the past year, Sean J has dropped a free full length album and a mixtape with his colleague. Wait! The year isn’t over. The Ego Egg Mixtape, presented by Flip Them Guys & Domination Recordings, is Sean J’s way of ending this year with a bang. The title of the project is a spun off of his last solo mixtape, The Ego Has Landed (his last effort before his 2 year hiatus). This mixtape features production from his long time partner Nine Six (formerly known as Epidemmik), his current melodic brother Soy is Real, and the creative sample-selector Unselftitled.

“On my albums, I’m very polite as far as the direction I take,” says Sean, “I usually just fill it with content. My lyricism won’t be that technically complex. It will be very direct. If I have witty lines, the content of it isn’t so harsh… But on mixtapes, especially a one with this title, I throw all of that out of the window. I go all out. Its all about wordplay, raw punchlines, patterns, cadences, etc… The braggin’ type of raps are needed every now and then. That’s a part of hip hop! Yes, it should be balanced out. So consider this the extreme of it.”

The three main singles “Unstoppable”, “Talk About (She Says)”, and “Elevate” balance out different approaches of his lyricism. Matter in fact, he isn’t the only one mouthing off… He came with a few friends. There’s guest appearances from TZariZM & MidaZ the BEAST (both from Doxside Music Group), Shinobi Stalin (Civil Mics, Vets of Kin), and guest production by the brazil-native Mental Abstracto (Domination Recordings). Let The Ego Egg be a introduction to Sean J’s new year plan, including his next album A Man of Means.

Here are the download links:



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The Good People on their Past, Present and Future

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J. Lately ft. Grynch – Push On (Video)

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After much anticipation the Orlando (Ozone) Super Group Vets of Kin (AMiAM, MyGrane McNastee, Murdoc, Shinobi Stalin, JBiz, Unique Assassin, Tone Blare, P!, Word Chemist, Clarity, and John Z. Delorean) Has finally released “Pestilence”, in association with The Civil Mics Movement and Domination Recordings. This is a compilation of unreleased material spanning from 2006 to the Present. Most of the production was handled by the Vets while JuniAli, DJ Trax, The KickDrums, Dark Horse, and N.O.T.E filled in the blanks. This Project is a collection of Raw Lyricism, Dope Beats, and a Posse Cut Atmosphere. Nothing more, Nothing less.

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